Fire and Water Damage Restoration

When Disaster Strikes

When your family or company is involved in a flood, fire or other disaster, APW Builders can help. We understand what a difficult time it can be for the people involved, and the emotional and mental toll that it takes on everyone. We work to quickly restore and reconstruct your home or place of business following an unexpected event.

APW Builders offer a variety of fire and water damage restoration services, including:

We have expertise in:

Why Choose APW Builders?

Janitorial and general cleaning services do not have the resources or expertise to respond to fire and water damage. Let APW Builders quickly complete the project and give you peace of mind that the renovated area is safe for occupancy. We partner with specialized companies to use cutting edge technology and green cleaning materials to ensure your building is restored with health and safety in mind.

Time is of the essence in restoring your home or business.

Commercial Restoration

We understand the constraints of running a business, and we will work with your company to develop a plan using our highly effective fire and water damage restoration services to minimize disruption to your business. We know that downtime costs precious dollars. We work with your office team to get your business doing what it does best – serving customers. The sooner your business can become functional again, the less risk you have of losing existing customers or missing out on new business opportunities.

Residential Renovation

Fire and water damage can be devastating to each and every member of your family. We will work with your insurance company to reduce the hassle involved with rebuilding, including preparing paperwork, securing permits and verifying coverage of proposed renovations. We are committed to restoring your home with the most efficient, environmentally friendly and safe building materials.